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Linux! I am a UNIX/Linux System Administrator by trade, after all!

Let's talk about computers. There's a lot going on with them, they're all around us. Nice.

I don't do Windows. Not really. I use it, but I'm not a Windows-y kind of person. I like Linux, as far as operating systems go. So even my development work has a Linux-y bent to it. Anyway, who doesn't like a penguin? Fish, probably. But no one else. Everyone else loves penguins. Windows? Nothing very interesting about them. They're transparent, you know. You can see right through them. That's about it.

Here we're all about Linux. And computers. So we're all about a couple of things: Linux and computers. As mentioned. Oh, but what I mean by "computers": Generally, PC's. Because it's an X86 world out there (sorry Sun Sparc [and IBM PowerPC]). But let's face it, ARM has made a big impact. So we'll do some Raspberry Pi here too, why not?