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Microcontrollers! Mostly (exclusively?) ATmel. Raspberry Pi probably belongs in the Linux section.

Now here's some meat with your potatoes! I've done some work with microcontrollers. I got started with the Arduino, for its open-ness and ease of use. I've found that they're quite capable little machines- even the 8-bit processors. They are so amazingly capable that I have yet to find the need or desire to experiment with the 32-bit lines. And at this moment I'm finding it fun to work with battery operated circuits and LEDs. So I'm sticking with the Atmel line, unless I find something else really fascinating along the way. Without further ado...

How about some work that I've done? Here you go:

  • A library to manage "Pin Change" interrupts on the 8-bit ATmega line: The EnableInterrupt Library (includes a modicum of support for the ARM-32 Arduino processors, just for compatibility's sake. The ARM-32 doesn't need this library, technically).
  • A library to handle quadrature encoders, for the 8-bit ATmega line: The AdaEncoder Library
  • A library to handle bouncy switches, for the 8-bit ATmega line: The Tigger Library

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